Luxaterra retractable slat roof


Luxaterra can be conveniently adjusted to the size you want.

Fast manufacturing

You order and we work on your order in a highly professional manner.


We deliver to and install on site your custom made louvered roof.

Bioclimatic pergolas are pergolas

with adjustable aluminum slats on the roof.

Model Luxaterra from Metallbau Goerres, with this slat roof you can slide the slats to the side.

You can open the roof and have a clear view of the sky. A package of slats remains on the side or back of the house wall. When closed, i.e. when protected from wind rain, the lamellas do not let any light through.

Metallbau Goerres GmbH is a manufacturer of lamella roofs. We offer top brand quality for all lamella roofs. Lamella roof with convertible effect , Luxaterra

Why choose Goerres Outdoor?

With Goerres you choose top quality design that you can continue around the house. In this way you provide the ideal atmosphere to enjoy outdoor life to the fullest all year round.

retractable slat roof

Do you also dream of your own place in the garden,

where you can enjoy the peace or good company?

retractable slat roof

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