Azoterra Lamella roof No 1 in Europe and UAE

Azoterra is the most sustainable product in our range to date.

Azoterra ® Lamella roof

It is made mostly of aluminum profiles and other recyclable materials. The Azoterra provides reliable protection in any weather and is a product that, with good care, you will enjoy for many years. And when it does need to be replaced, almost all parts are fully recyclable. That’s good for people and good for the environment.


Azoterra can be conveniently adjusted to the size you want.

Fast manufacturing

You order and we work on your order in a highly professional manner.


We deliver to and install on site your custom made louvered roof.

You will love it

The Azoterra, “the ultimate flexible outdoor space”.

This sums up the essence of this versatile awning. Although the Azoterra is actually much more than just an awning. Rather, it is a hybrid of an awning and a (freestanding) patio canopy. A slatted canopy that is unique in our range and is largely made of aluminum elements.

Azoterra ® Lamella roof


Where otherwise the awning cloth is responsible for protection from the sun, here aluminum slats that can be rotated by 125 degrees take over this function and provide effective shade in any position. When closed, the Azoterra is also water-resistant.

The integrated water drainage ensures that you can remain well protected on the outdoor surface even during a heavy downpour. In addition to the standard version, various accessories are available for the Azoterra that make spending time outdoors even more comfortable.


There are also no limits to the choice of colors, which are available at an additional cost.

Variable support height

Contact us and we will adjust the height for you.

Azoterra adapts

From small to large

Azoterra can be delivered from small (min. 173 x 125 cm) to large (max. 397 x 400 cm).
Azoterra can be configured between these two values as desired in size and is therefore optimally adaptable to your home.

With Azoterra you are flexible like never before.

Lamella Roof Freestanding
Azoterra as a freestanding unit.
Lamella roof Wall mounting
Wall mounting
Azoterra permanently mounted to your house.
Lamella roof expandable
Azoterra knows no limits.
Azoterra Lamella roof

Azoterra ® lamella roof

In restaurants and cafes but also in private areas you will benefit from this technically sophisticated and aesthetically pleasing shading solution.

Have you become curious?

Try our configurator and find out the price.

Pergolas lamella roof are outdoor structures with a grid of beams and rafters for a roof and are made up of columns. This roofing grid may be covered to provide a weather-protected space or left open for ventilation. Pergolas may either stand on their own or be linked to the home. Let’s better understand pergola roofs in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Ajman, Fujairah, Ras Cayman, and Sharjah with us!

What is Pergola lamella roof?

For starters, it is ideal for usage in a garden or on a patio because of its ability to filter some sunlight while still giving some shade. It’s the perfect complement to the great outdoors since it lets you take in the scenery regardless of the weather.
Since the dawn of ancient Egypt, pergolas have been a popular shade option. Pergolas were a standard feature of both public and private Roman baths. The elaborate Renaissance pergolas, crafted from marble and stone, are still used today.

Although pergolas have evolved in appearance throughout time, the slatted roof has remained a constant. The open louvered pergola roof provides partial shade and an immediate touch of the Old World to any outdoor setting. With their versatile powder coatings and personal ability, modern pergolas are a great addition to any home, whether a cozy cottage or a sleek glass and steel structure. It’s no surprise that slatted roof pergolas are so popular with homeowners.

And that’s not even the beginning! With us, a reputable pergola installer can show you what’s possible. Did you know that it’s possible to construct a pergola with a mechanical roof that can be set to adjust automatically for the best possible exposure to sunshine and airflow? Dimmable lights and retractable paneling operated by remote control are other available options. To sum up, we have the best pergolalamella roof in Dubai, which would cater to everything you ever wanted.

What Material Should Your Pergola lamella roof Be Made Of?

Pergolas that have roofs provide a touch of class to any outdoor space. More importantly, the material used to construct the top significantly impacts the roof’s performance and longevity. Pick the appropriate option for you, given the current climate conditions where you are. 

Imagine living in a city where it rains every day of the week, and you have a fabric roof that isn’t water resistant. The fallout from it is something no one wants to deal with. However, leave all your worries as our platform is here to help you with all kinds of pergola roofs in Dubai, as mentioned below.

Metal Louvers Are Best for a Pergola lamella roof:

The roof’s material should be considered regardless of whether the louvers are mechanical or manually adjusted. It is advisable to leave marble and stone to the ancients. Wood has the potential to create an Old World or rustic ambiance, but it decays quickly. Vinyl or plastic may have a great first appearance, but it will fade and warp with time. The best material for a pergola roof is metal louvers, such as aluminum. Because of aluminum’s durability and portability, they may be controlled automatically by silent electric motors. Coating a metal roof with high-quality powder means it will be impervious to the corrosive effects of rain, ice, and snow throughout the roof’s useful life.

Louvered Roofs:

This one is designed to provide shade and shelter from strong winds and intense sunshine; its roof is made of aluminum alloy. They don’t roll up, but they may be moved about to let in as much light and air as possible. The rafters or louvers need only be slanted slightly or fully opened or closed to get any of these effects. Already noted is the fact that the pergola may be programmed to shut, open, or adjust itself automatically.

Static Paneling:

The pergola culture is becoming more and more like this. This outdoor pergola roof design is popular among homeowners due to its sleek, modern appearance. Translucent plastic plexiglass or acrylics are used to construct the pergola roof. A polycarbonate pergola roof offers partial shade while letting in some natural light.

lamella roof Design is Important:

Metal louvers come in a variety of styles. Some of them are only made of one piece of wood or metal. This simple structure works well to hide the sun, but it may cause irritating drips in the shaded area below the pergola when it rains. Azenco’s innovative dual-walled louver design directs rainwater into the roof’s integrated drainage system, keeping it out of the patio below. When investigating louvered pergola roofs, homeowners should inquire with vendors about the drainage capabilities of the louvers. Better still, have them show you the drains for yourself.

Retractable Canopies:

With retractable roofing, you can enjoy all the benefits of a pergola lamella roof without ever having to worry about the weather or the roof.

It begins as a full-roof pergola, which offers shelter from bad weather for bigger spaces. The good news is that there are also motorized variants of this solution, so you can avoid exerting yourself physically every time you want to enjoy the sun in your pergola.

Fabric Paneling:

Fabric is an alternative to retractable roofs for pergolas. Stretching the material over the rafters and then pulling it straight produces this roof style. If the fabric is water-resistant, it will provide shade and shelter from the elements regardless of the temperature or precipitation. The regular cloth will add to the aesthetic value, but it will only hold up to a little.

Fabric Deck Pergola Covers:

Covering your pergola with fabric is an alternative and more comprehensive option. Various outdoor fabric coverings are available. It is possible to get a cover for your pergola that will shield it from the sun’s rays, reducing the heat and light entering your yard.

Fabrics may be found in various colors and patterns, allowing you to customize the look of your outdoor space further. Shades made of sailcloth or another fabric may be rigged similarly. Because sails are constructed from materials that can withstand the effects of the sun, water, and other environmental factors, they will last longer.

Roofing materials for outdoor pergolas are widely distributed by several companies, all of which can be found on the internet. Some websites provide comparisons of the many products they sell. Finding a material that meets your needs for longevity and aesthetics is easy. For those who don’t want anything to detract from the natural beauty of their hardwood pergolas, transparent materials like plastic or fiberglass are a perfect option.

You may swap out the related material if you become weary of a particular style or hue. Once installed, it might be more of a hassle to uninstall others. Most materials are effective for many years of usage; therefore, the degree of permanence is up to you.

Highly Durable Metal lamella roof:

Since metal is one of the most long-lasting building materials, it makes sense that metal pergola roofing is also one of the most permanent. Metal roofing is ideal because it can be easily shaped and scaled to meet a variety of building configurations. You may pick between two primary types of roofing tin.

R-panel features prominent ridges that require lap screws measuring 5/16″. V-crimp requires no lap screws, making installation considerably more manageable. In terms of ease of installation and aesthetic effect on an existing pergola, copper and aluminum sheets perform similarly.

Steel is more costly than other materials, but it will last a long time and won’t rust. Even a pergola made of metal, such as tin or aluminum, may be a stunning and calming sight. The delicate pattern of rain on a metal roof is a delightful sound. No matter the weather, there’s nothing like relaxing under a pergola lamella roof in your garden.

Fiberglass and Plastic Pergola Tops:

The roofs of pergolas lamella roof made of fiberglass or plastic are long-lasting, affordable, and almost indestructible in contrast to other materials. Both materials are designed to let in plenty of natural light while effectively blocking off precipitation and UV radiation.

Lightweight plastic may be readily trimmed to size from prefabricated panels of varying widths and heights. Although fiberglass may be more challenging, it offers an eco-friendlier option. Many raw ingredients used to produce fiberglass are derived from recycled sources.


There must be a balance between originality and common sense in sound design. Consider the time of year and frequency of use when deciding on a roofing material for your pergola. The best option is the one that best fits your home’s design aesthetic and practical requirements.
Remember that these are only a few of Dubai’s most popular pergola roof choices. You have several options for covering your pergola lamella roof, including fabric, straw, plants, wood slats, bamboo, and more. Get expert advice from us before pursuing any of these roofed pergola concepts.

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